Lihong's Asian Cuisine© 2018

Chinese Restaurant | Thai Restaurant | Sushi Restaurant



R600 Champagne Valley Road

Gourton Corner (Opposite Thokozisa)


Kwazulu Natal

South Africa


Monday - Sunday: 09:30 - 16:00​​


079 664 1376 - Lihong

063 797 5467 - Dillon

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Funny Chinese Proverbs

A Chinese child was born before his due date... His parents named him Sudden Lee!

How do you blind fold an Asian? With dental floss!

How do you know an Asian has broken into your home? Your math homework is done and your comuter is upgraded!

What's the difference between the Chinese and racism? Racism has many faces!

God created the Earth and the Heavens... The rest was made in China!

What do you call an Asian with a camera? Phil-Ming!

What do you call an Asian billionaire? Cha-Ching!

What did the one Chu say to the other? Is that Chu bro?

Did you hear about the Chinese Godfather? He will make you an offer you can't understand!

Have you heard about the look-alike competition in China? Everybody won!

Which country goes to war when you drop a plate? China!